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Mexican corn - without genetic modification

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Who we are

"Tlayolan" is a project for the cultivation of native Mexican GMO-Free maize based in Berlin and organized by Latinamericans and SpeiseGut (a solidarity agricultural project).

The milpa (mixed corn field - Mexico) is located in Gatow-Spandau, part of the area Naturland of SpeiseGut.

What Tlayolan and maize mean to us

"TLAYOLAN" in nahuatl means: land that vastly produces maize, place where the seed that gives life abounds. During the Pre Cortesian period in Mexico, what today is called "Ciudad Guzmán", at that time was named "Tlayolan". 

For Mexicans, maize (maiz) means "what sustains life". The cultivation of maiz was originated in Mexico, extending north all the way to Canada and south through Argentina. The most oldest evident existence of maize, was discovered by archaeologists in the Valley of Tehuacan about 5000 years ago. Thanks to more than 50 different species of maize, Mexico is known as the Center of the Maize Culture.

What we do

The "Tlayolan" project in Berlin, consists in encouraging the cultivation of the milpa and GMO-Free maize, raise conciousness in the Spanish speaking comunity in Berlin about the dangers in the ecosystem and consumption of GMO maiz.